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Use Magnets to create a Ceiling Mounted System


This coming year I’ve decided to try to make more videos of what I’m doing day to day in my workshop.

I’ve been using tripods and light stands to position the Camera and light when I wanted to shoot something, but since my workshop space is limited, these would get in the way.

It would work well when I was shooting a quick video, but when doing any sort of time-lapse, I could hit the tripod and make ruin the shot.

So my ideas was to attach the camera and light on the ceiling, but instead of making brackets for each shooting angle I might need, I’ve decided to use regular light stands with powerful magnets attached to them.

On the ceiling I’ve attached some cheap metal post plates that you can find at HomeDepot for $1.50 each, so I can add as many as I need in the future.

So far it’s working great, and the magnets have a ton of holding power.

I think this system will get used a lot in this coming year!



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