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Get Learning!

I’m a Maker / Dreamer.

From dreams come projects, from projects come valuable and practical Learning.

Hi!  My name is Yvan, and every week I try to create stuff, from electronic projects to something useful around the house or anything cool to pass the time.

I regularly post tutorial videos on my YouTube channel

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but I also provide via this website:

• Tutorial webpages that have more information about the project
• Source code used
• Wiring diagram to make it easy to replicate on your own

In my CheckItOut Blog I show you how what I’m working on and how I create the parts using the tools in my workshop like 3D printers, laser cutter, vacuum forming.

My goal is to provide help, entertain and encourage others to create.


All my content is free.

If you feel that my videos are helping and you would like to contribute, you can toss some coins in the Tip Jar via PayPal.

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First, I would like to give thanks to all my past customers!

I loved operating the Brainy-Bits store, but it took a lot of time, time that I wanted to spend bringing you more tutorials, project videos and also dedicate more time to help others with their projects by offering my services.

Since there are now many reliable sources to purchase parts from, I have decided to return to my roots and bring more variety of videos that I can now expand since I’m not limited to what was available in the store, and also show neat stuff that I’m doing in the workshop.

Thanks again and hope you will be following me in the upcoming years.

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