My tool-shed just went up in flames!

CheckItOut Blog   •   September 28, 2016

Had a little setback this weekend.

While we were enjoying a nice lunch, someone noticed smoke coming from the backyard.  Went to take a look and sure enough, the tool shed was engulfed in flames!

As you can seen from the video below, nothing could be done and it was completely gone in a matter of minutes.

The fire department was called, but all they could do is wait for the flames to go down and then throw water on the remains.

Nobody was hurt, which is a good thing of course, but it’s something I could have lived without.

Anyway now comes the time to do an inventory of what we lost for the insurance company.  The big thing that was in there was the lawn tractor of course.

But it’s pretty incredible the stuff you accumulate with time, and as i’m going through making the list, I realize just how much was in there and the cost to replace everything goes up pretty quickly.

Anyway check out the video to see more, and also for some channel updates.

YouTube Video

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