Got a chance to make some Movie Props.  Here’s the first one!

CheckItOut Blog   •   February 22, 2016

Ilove movies!  Good ones anyways 🙂

I’m especially fond of sci-fi and horror flicks, so when someone reach out to me to make some movie props for their project, a low-budget sci-fi/horror movie, I jumped at the chance.

Now I’m not a professional prop maker by any means, but they wanted some electronic props that I felt I could pull off using some Arduino’s and off the shelf parts.

I was asked to make 3 of them, that would be used in different parts of the movie:

  • Cryotube timer thing
  • Code Breaker box
  • Electronic Door unlock keypad

Now keep in mind that these are movie props and not actual working prototypes :), their only purposes is to look real enough for the movie scene in which they will be used.

So without further wait, here’s the first one!

YouTube Video

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