Getting the perfect camera slider shot!

CheckItOut Blog   •   August 30th 2019

stepper camera slider project

Camera sliders are great tools to add production values to your videos, but you can spend an insane amount of time trying to get those perfectly smooth movements by yourself…

I finally got tired of it and decided to do something about it.

I know you can buy camera sliders that already have automated movements to make your life easier, but since I already have a pretty good one, even if it’s manual only, I didn’t feel like trashing it and buy another one.

So in this Part 1 or 2, I embark on the journey to modify my slider with a stepper motor and control it using an Arduino and some sort of touchscreen…  Haven’t decided yet what I will do on that front.

This can be adapted to almost any slider, since they are pretty much built the same, except the quality of the material might be different.

In the part 1 video below, I show how I attached the stepper to my slider.

Hope it helps and gives you some guidance on how to modify your own!

Stay tuned for Part 2 🙂

YouTube Video

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