Quick and Easy Adjustable Elevated Bowls Feeding System for BIG Dogs!

CheckItOut Blog   •   November 22nd 2019

Great Dane Elevated Bowls

Having a Great Dane (named ‘Mika’) in our lives has been quite an adventure!

Great Dane 01


Don’t get me wrong, Mika his a great dog and we love her very much, but Great Danes in general are quite different from other dogs.

Great Dane Differences


First, of course, is their size and strength!  They don’t seem to know that they can really hurt you while playing, so I’ve been body checked quite a few time, and let me tell you, it will take the wind out of you…


They also don’t want to be alone for one minute!  That’s why they are sometime called ‘Velcro Dogs’, following you everywhere, wanting to be with you at all time…

Great Dane Velcro Dogs


But, they are some of the most loving dogs I have ever had the privilege to be around and I’m very thankful to have her in my life.


Of course we can’t forget about feeding such a large dog.  Aside from the fact that they require a lot of food, they are also very tall, and feeding them from a bowl set on the floor, seems wrong to me!?

Great Dane Low Feeding


Now the jury is still out on wether or not it’s better to feed Great Dane and large dogs from elevated bowls, but just looking at her eating from the floor, doesn’t look very comfortable.


So I decided to build an elevated feeding station for her.  One that I adjust the height easily if I wanted to in the future.


The Station has two bowls recessed inside an acrylic base for easy removal and cleaning.

Great Dane Elevated Feeding Station


The whole thing is built using shelving adjustable bracket that are cheap and easy to find at any hardware store.


I’m using my Laser Cutter to cut the acrylic, since I have one, but you could also use a regular jigsaw to cut the acrylic panel of course.


So far the feeding station has been great and is holding up quite well.

When comes feeding time, I’m happy to see her eat at what seems like more a normal height for her, and there hasn’t been any complication with her digestion or any other problems.  If digestion problems appear in the future, it easy to adjust the height if needed.

Great Dane and Welsh Corgie


For a complete rundown of the build and the parts used, please check out the video below…

YouTube Video

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