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How can I Help?

I love to get my hands on unique projects. Of course, due to time constraints, a limited number can be produced.

If you have a project in mind whether source code creation, movie prop or project, don’t hesitate and click the “Service Form” button to get started.

Deposit and flat start up fees apply.  Note that lead time is currently 2-4 weeks.



Whether you need help adding functionality to an existing Arduino code, finding and correcting errors, or writing everything from scratch, I can help!

Arduino Code Request Form



From working prototypes and movie props, to complete projects including components, programming and custom enclosure.

Full Project Request Form


The steps for any custom project are:

– Initial response by email
– Skype/Facetime to assess the parts, the expectations and goal
– Quote provided
– Acceptance of project/contract signed with initial deposit required
– Regular Skype/Facetime for updates
– Finished product and final payment


Parts used:  depending on the project, you may want me to use your parts or purchase them from me.

If you wish me to complete a project already in progress, the parts you used will have to be shipped to me for testing and to confirm everything is working as it should.

Just keep in mind that if you want to create a project with an obscure part you found in your attic, well you’ll probably have to send it to me.

The parts will be shipped back to you after completion of the project.

This will be part of the process when we discuss your request.


Once we agree on the requirements of your project, a quote will be sent to you for acceptance.
Upon agreement, a deposit of 25% of the quote is required to start work on all projects.

Additions and modifications not included in the original budget will be billed accordingly.

We accept PayPal as method of payment.