Using the X-Carve CNC to mill your own PCB

CheckItOut Blog   •   April 18, 2018

A while back I aquired the Inventable X-Carve CNC machine with the goal of milling PCB at home for quick projects or prototypes.

Finally found the time to play around with different settings and software to make this work.  Not perfect yet but it does work.

Most tutorial online are using Eagle to create the PCB layout, Eagle is most used software when it comes to creating PCB, but for my uses it’s more than I need and would never use more than 10% of it’s capabilities.

So I’m using the online service to do my PCB layout and then exporting the Gerber files to FlatCam to create the various G-Code files that the X-Carve needs to do it’s thing.

In this first video I show you the whole process of creating and milling the PCB, and in future videos I will go step by step with the settings and software used to making this happen.

So stay tuned for more Tutorials on how to mill your own PCB using a CNC machine like the X-Carve.

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  1. Andy Lazar May 6, 2018 at 1:54 pm - Reply

    Very interested in 2D position sensing. The HMC5883L demo was great. But is that only for rotation ?
    Andy Lazar

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