Arduino intro – Getting started, installing and configuring the software

CheckItOut Blog   •   December 5, 2017

Sometime when making tutorial videos I forget that some people are just starting out omit explaining stuff I consider people probably know and don’t talk or explain them to make sure the videos are not boring.

But I do get many emails saying that I should explain the basic stuff as well to help the ones who are just getting into Arduino.

So I’ll be making from time to time some video that explain the basics of working with the Arduino platform.

In this first one, I’ll go through the first thing you should do before even plugging in your brand new Arduino board into your computer: Installing and Configuring the Arduino IDE software.

Then we can go ahead plug in the Arduino and send a simple program to make sure everything is working as it should.

Hope these videos will help those who are just starting out!

YouTube Video

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