1000+ YouTube Subscribers!  Just want to say Thank You!

CheckItOut Blog   •   July 3, 2015

Welcome to the first Blog entry of the CheckItOut Blog!

First I want to thank everyone who has subscribed to our YouTube Channel so far, thanks to all of you the channel just reached over 1000 Subscribers!

This is a great milestone, and hoping I can create more Tutorials and Videos in the coming years to entertain as well as provide learning for all of you.

I started Brainy-Bits to create videos on how to use electronics so anyone with an interest could learn how to do it themselves.  We all have projects in our minds that we would love to create, and sometimes all that is needed is the right information to get started.  Hopefully the Tutorials videos can help some of you doing exactly that.

This is just the beginning and seeing the YouTube channel grow, keeps me going and wanting to create more videos for all of you!

So once again thank you and don’t forget to come back regularly to the CheckItOut Blog and subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of the Tutorials and videos coming up.

Get Learning!
Going forward here are some of the stuff I would like to achieve:
  • Reviews of new Electronic products

  • More frequent videos on what I’m working on

  • More tutorial video of course

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